Croatia; a backdrop for reflecting

My memories of Croatia are primarily visual impressions of stunning landscapes, seascapes, architecture; of life in the markets and in fishing harbours.   It was a time of fighting tourist crowds in Dubrovnik, Korcula and Plitvice Lake Park. A time of reflecting on the violence during the wars of independence in the former Yugoslavia while walking through quiet cobbled streets, along deserted beaches and being embraced by the residents of small, out of the tourist loop villages. It was a time of unprecedented weather: unseasonably high temperatures and ear shattering thunder storms accompanied by torrential rain.

A perspective on Split from the seafront walkway.

Wedding festivities in the Diocletian Palace precincts. Split

Plitvice Lakes Park

Another choice in wedding venue! heavy rains submerged the boardwalk through the waterfalls at Plitvice lakes Park. Crowds lined up to navigate single file across the flooded area.


Trpanj, coastal village

Art in the ordinary, fish nets